ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS is part of a world-wide network of scientists, consultants and industrial/regulatory experts covering main aspects of environmental risk assessment and management of chemicals. Clients come from various sectors, including private and public research institutes, relevant industries and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Most recently (since 2010) we have been engaged in the coordination and management of EU research and development projects focusing on risk assessment of manufactured nanomaterials.

Recent EU projects:

NANOSUSTAIN: Development of sustainable solutions for nanotechnology-based products based on hazard characterization and LCA (2010-2013) (Grant agreement no.: 247989)
NANOVALID: Research and development of reference methods for hazard identification, LCA and risk assessment of engineered nanomaterial (2011-2015)
(Grant agreement no.: 263147)
NANODEFINE: Development of an integrated approach based on validated and standardized methods to support the implementation of the EC recommendation for a definition of nanomaterial (2013-2017)
(Grant agreement no: 604347)
BIORIMA: Biomaterial risk management (2017-2021)
(Grant agreement no.:760928)
NANORIGO: Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework (2019-2022) (Grant agreement no.: 814530) Website: in progress!