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Rudolf Reuther

Rudolf is the founder and CEO of Environmental Assessments (ENAS) and senior researcher with a PhD in environmental geochemistry from Heidelberg University (1983). He holds more than 30 years of experience in the field of monitoring, hazard characterisation, impact and risk assessment of trace pollutants such as metals, organometals and persistent organic compounds. He has specialized in developing and implementing specific physicochemical characterization and ecotoxicological test methods to assess the behaviour, effects and fate of chemicals in water, soil/sediment and waste systems. Rudolf has initiated and managed many international research and development projects focusing on the environmental impact of plans, processes, industries and products. He has published more than 30 scientific papers and 2 books on metal contamination and is one of the editors of the international Journal for Water, Air and Soil Pollution. He has coordinated the EU FP7 NanoSustain (247989) and NanoValid (263147) projects and is presently project manager of the EU FP7 NanoDefine project (604347).

Rune Karlsson

Rune is a chemical engineer with a PhD in inorganic chemistry and has more than 15 years of experience in the development and application of analytical methods to detect and quantify ultra-fine particles and aerosols. He has particularly specialized in the use of several analytical techniques such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, Fourier transform infra-red spectrometry, and UV flash-photolysis. Rune has initiated and implemented research projects on the occupational exposure associated with powder paints and combustion aerosols, and led the worldwide promotion of aerosol instruments including product marketing and technical support, review of technical manuals and implementation of training workshops. He authored various peer reviewed articles on the interaction between nitrogen containing gases and sea salt aerosols, and on the formation and analysis of combustion aerosols by single particle mass spectrometry. He has been involved in the scientific coordination of the EU FP7 NanoSustain (247989) and NanoValid (263147) projects, and is presently engaged in the dissemination and project management of the EU FP7 NanoDefine project.

Olle  Grahn

Olle is the founder and CEO of NordMiljö AB. He has worked since 1975 in the field of environmental impact assessment and specialised in project planning, research and consulting with main focus on the ecotoxicology of metallic and organic pollutants in receiving waters. Olle was involved for many years in contract research related to improvements of the environmental performance of large pulp and paper mills, where he developed models to characterize and assess the ecological effects of effluents to aquatic ecosystems in relation to different treatment standards and and process systems. He has obtained a broad knowledge from various industries such as the pulp and paper industries, mining and metal processing industries as well as chemical and petrochemical industries.